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Can Improved Page Load Times Boost Profits?

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Henrik Harju

Chief Conversion Officer

Speed Page Speed Load Times

More and more web surfers are giving the stink eye to slowpoke websites.

Our TikTok-trained minds just can’t stand the wait.


You can already guess what that means for the bottom line.

Studies have demonstrated a direct link between faster loading pages and increased profitability.

Google’s research shows that 53% of mobile users leave pages that take over 3 seconds to load.

Even a one-second delay can slash conversions by 7%, highlighting speed’s impact on the bottom line.

And if increasing revenue isn’t enough, page load speed is an official ranking factor which means if getting more traffic to your site is a priority that simply means it needs to be fast.

Additionally, speed impacts more than just sales.

It influences bounce rates, time spent on the site, and overall user satisfaction.

These factors contribute to a positive brand image, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

To capitalize on the profit-boosting potential of quick load times, businesses need to focus on optimizing image sizes, reducing redirects, minimizing http requests and streamlining design for their websites.

Closing thoughts

In summary, yes there is a need for speed and improved load times boost profits.

Not sure if your page is fast enough or what to optimize?

Head on over to and test how its performing.

If everything is atleast green, everything is okay.


P.S. Because I think page load times are so important, every website crafted by Conversion Refinery comes with a 100/100 scores across the board.

That results in 300ms-500ms load times, so speed certainly won’t be a bottleneck for your new website.

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